About XO-Retro "DNA"

Interesting Facts

There are many great watch companies on the market today but only one that takes timepieces beyond simply telling time accurately, making them an extension of one’s personality – a true inspiration.

XO’s aesthetically beautiful and immediately recognizable designs are founded on four pillars of quality – unmistakably unique design, the highest caliber materials, precision movements and state of the art technology. XO engineers examine the anatomy of the human wrist, designing each piece with ergonomic balance, even for larger watches.

XO Retro DNA Timepieces make up a unique line of watches which contain actual recovered metal from the American and British military, aircraft and automotive legends they are named after. Designed and engineered in New York and made with excellent quality Swiss made parts, each watch is created from certified recovered metal which is melted down and poured into special case molds to create wearable pieces of history.

Each timepiece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring that the moment the amalgamated metal touches your skin, your soul will be stirred by the knowledge that you are linked directly with icons of the past. XO’s dedicated associates and decades of experience in the industry ensure that XO timepieces are more than time keeping devices, with extreme attention to detail and produced in limited editions, each is a handcrafted